How To Choose A Shark Vacuum Cleaner


How To Choose A Shark Vacuum CleanerShark is a brand of Euro-Pro Operating LLC and it is a pionner in the innovation of cleaning solutions and small household appliances. It is known for looking for providing improved products and better efficiency in these products that fit the lifestyle of the consumer. Shark is recognized for being one of the first companies that provided steam-cleaning technology with the introduction of the widely popular Shark Steam Mop.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner has to be carefully studied. There are many variables to consider, to decide if a vacuum cleaner is right for you. Mainly, there are two different types of vacuum cleaners, upright and cylinder, and both have advantages and disadvantages. Upright vacuums are heavier than cylinder vacuums in general , for example.. The motor units tend to be smaller in the cylinder vacuums and allow an easier use of the vacuum with large areas with the head, without the need to move the motor. Brands in order to make a better cleaning, or safer or convenient, offer features that are include in the purchase or are offered as an optional.

You need to decide what will be the work of the vacuum and to see if the characteristics of the vacuum and the specifications go with your needs. Other important characteristic is Power, that is associated with suction. The suction can depend on several things but power is an excellent indicator of suction. Consider a good number for a cylinder cleaner around 1400 watts and 1300 watts for an upright vacuum cleaner. The other feature to consider is Bag or bagless. The vacuum that use bag are losing suction as the bag fills up. It is not the case of the bagless vacuum. Well. This is an advantage, right? But, consider the issue that bagged models tend to be more hygienic because the dust and dirt are kept in a sealed bag. If some relative in your house is asthmatic then it is a better choice a bagged.

How to choose the vacuum cleaner that suits your needs?

Uprights works well in general on carpets, especially those with a bag. Usually, canister are simpler to handle, even more if your house has stairs.

The features are important and they have to be considered in order to get the best cleaning. A way to help the care of the bare floors and to minimize disseminated rubble is considering those vacuums with a brush on/off switch. Manual pile-height adjustment work better than automatic for carpets. Something similar occurs for suction control when you are cleaning on dainty fabrics.

Bag or bagless vacuums has to be considered also. But, as we said before, bagged models tend to be more hygienic because the dust and dirt are kept in a sealed bag, especially with those persons with asthmatic issues and allergies in the house.

In small places, noise can be a issue. Can you imagine? A noisiest vacuum can be tested producing more than 85 decibels. At this level of noise you may be advised of hearing protection. Canister vacuums tend to be quieter. This is a characteristic to consider in your model election purchase.

When the vacuum weight is important, for example for those persons with some medical problems, there are more choices to be considered. One solution is can be the models really light as the Shark Lift-Around Portable model with a weight of 6 lbs. Other solution can be a stick vacuum. The stick vacuums work for smaller capacities than the other models, upright and canister but they do weight less. They have to be considered for small performances and they donĀ“t be considered a replacement of a conventional cleaning vacuum.

The typical types of vacuum cleaner are: Upright vacuums, Canister vacuums, Central vacuums, Small vacuums, Robotic vacuums, Stick vacuums, steam vacuums. All types work different for different conditions. The best choice it will be the most informed one.


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