Shark Rocket NV482 Professional Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Shark Rocket NV482The Shark Rocket NV482 vacuum cleaner is considered lightweight and has several nice features. This vacuum cleaner is sold at a reasonable price and can be got at several outlets all over the world. It is very maneuverable with its swivel steering and this makes cleaning around areas of furniture and other obstacles easier and quicker.
The Shark Rocket NV482 can be purchased online through for about 200 dollars, and free shipping. It has an amazing overall performance and is considered a great deal for the used cash. It only weighs 13lbs and hence it’s easy to lift it up. It also consists of an immense suction and makes use of an anti allergen complete seal with washable filters to capture 99.9 percent of allergens and dust and keep them in the vacuum thus making the released air cleaner.

Great for bare floors and carpets

This vacuum cleaner does a great work cleaning bare floors and carpets, as the said brush roll can be switched on and off easily. It’s also fitted with a removable wand for cleaning above the floor. The overall cleaning way measures 11 inches, with the hose covering a length of 8ft while the power cord being 30 ft of length. The dust bin is not left behind as it can also contain up to 1.8 dry quarts, and by this you can vacuum clean quite a big space before emptying the bin.

Light your way

Some other features availed by this nice Shark Rocket NV482 vacuum cleaner include the headlights which help you to see well the cleaning area better, some tools like; a turbo brush used for cleaning stairs and upholstery, dusting brush, two crevice tools, and an appliance wand make this cleaner the best. The good thing with these small turbo brush is that they are capable of getting up the pet hair, in case you keep pets. This vacuum cleaner is so silent and one will not have to disturb the entire house while cleaning.

With all this great characteristics like easy steering, long reach, excellent suction, lightness and quietness, one can clean large areas within a short period of time.

Price and Availability

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