Shark Rocket NV484 Professional Upright Vacuum Reviews


Shark Rocket Professional (NV484)This hand held model goes just about anywhere for quick and easy cleaning of your entire home. It’s weight (13 pounds) and size makes it handy for cobwebs, ceiling fans, and the top of your drapes, which are problem areas for anyone. Also this shark rocket model is small and easy to reach for the places that most typical vacuums cannot get to, such as under your cabinets. corners in your kitchen, and under your furniture.

Clean unwanted pet hair

Float the Rocket right over the top of your furniture to clean up your little one’s crumbs or your unwanted pet hair.The Rocket is versatile and one of the best shark vacuums to help clean every area in your home from top to bottom with little effort. It is quick and easy to use on upholstery, steps, throw rugs, and corners that your dog may like to hide in.
The rocket emits no dust. Dust stays in the canister where it should be. There is literally no loss of suction with this model and it has great swivel steering.The rocket seems to be a tough little vacuum. All parts seem sturdy and not flimsy like you may find on other vacuums.


  • -Super strong power nozzle cleans up all kinds of surfaces from bare floors to area rugs to the deepest of carpets. Cleans everything you can see and removes deeper dirt that you can’t.
  • -Your air will be cleaner because of the Rocket’s hepafilter and it’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • -Super light in weight and compact vacuum that is so easy to use throughout your home.
  • -Quiet. The Rocket is one of the quietest vacuums I have ever heard. It doesn’t disrupt your entire home whe you use it.
  • -The Rocket comes with an amazing dusting brush, a wonderful 12″ crevice tool, a wide upholstery tool, a wall mount, and a super 32″ cord.
  • -This is worth mentioning again. This model’s weight is only 13 pounds!!!!!

Price and Availability

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