Shark Rocket Professional NV480 Upright Vacuum Reviews


Shark Rocket Professional NV480

Shark Rocket NV480 is a unique vacuum cleaner in its series with some enhanced features to make your cleaning experience more enjoyable, the state of the art vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for a quality performance, the extra wattage of up to 700 watts enables it to do quality and thorough work, it’s designed to be used in household surface cleaning and even office use, it come in handy for carpet cleaning, hard floor, hardwood cleaning and as a multitasking cleaning device.

Turbo Functionality

The specifically made brush attachment with a turbo functionality makes it possible for an abrasive cleaning, the charged brush picks all dirt’s around your homes and offices, the brush is made in such a way that it can’t damage the surface it’s cleaning, once properly gelled with the right cleaning solution, it performs to the optimum on carpets, hardwood floors and all tiled floors, the brush with help of suction pressure from the motor, sucks all dirt’s and impurities on the surfaces with amazing results to boot.

Better And More Features

Shark NV480 has got more better features as compared to other piers in the market, the small roller is designed to help cleaning other surfaces, car upholstery, can clean professionally velvet materials of a sofa and other seats, with its many attachments tailor made to clean even small places inclusive of a couch, this makes the Shark very user friendly and designed for consumer’s needs, the on and off switch is for the brush making it convenient too.

Compact Design

The design is compact with its firm base to do a good job, it’s tightly made with more quietness as it vibrates very gently, taking control not to throw out dust all over the places, the canister keeps all the dusts inside of the system, it’s roller is powerful and designed to clean even stubborn particles, the swivel is easily manageable to reach every corner of your office and home, it’s easily maneuvered around the house through the kitchen to the veranda area.

Extra Long Cord

The long cord makes cleaning easy to a long range, you can easily move around quite a distance to effectively clean without stress, the length of the cord comes in handy for professional use too, can easily be used to clean carpets and surfaces in a hall or long verandas and corridors.

Filter That Cleans EasilyShark Rocket Professional NV480 Filter

Other uniqueness like the easy to clean filter makes it of added value, the technology of which it’s made of enables separation of dirt’s from air, and restricting dirt not to soil the filter, this action makes the suction motion to go on for a time, hence making cleaning more efficient, cleaning is ever steady for longer when using the Shark Rocket NV480, the Allergen filter type makes cleaning a fun for you too.

Price and Availability

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